10 Essential Steps to Master Digital Painting with Krita


Delve into the art of digital painting with Krita, a revolutionary open-source application. Known for its powerful features, intuitive interface, and affordability, Krita has captured the hearts of artists worldwide. This guide is designed to navigate you from a novice to a pro, exploring every corner of this potent tool.

Digital Painting with Krita: The First Step

Understanding the fundamental interface of Krita is the first step towards mastering digital painting. Unlike its counterparts, Krita’s interface is artist-centric, promising a seamless learning experience.

Digital Painting with Krita

Essentials of Brush Tools

Krita’s brush tools are the backbone of its digital painting prowess. Whether you’re sketching, coloring, or adding final touches, the brushes provide unmatched adaptability.

Layers and Masks: The Game Changer

Krita’s innovative layer and mask system revolutionizes digital painting by empowering artists to manage their artwork piece by piece. This results in a more organized and controlled creative process.

Managing Colors in Krita

Krita’s color management is a key element in digital painting. It houses an array of color selection tools and features such as the color wheel, advanced color selector, and palette docker.

Utilizing Krita’s Drawing Assistants

Drawing assistants in Krita are a boon for artists grappling with perspective or symmetry. These tools facilitate setting vanishing points, parallel lines, and ellipses, simplifying the creation of accurate drawings.

Texturing Techniques in Krita

Krita boasts a plethora of texturing tools that can transform your artwork from average to extraordinary. These techniques enable artists to instill a realistic touch in their paintings.

Advanced Techniques: Beyond Basics

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Krita, it’s time to explore more advanced techniques. Techniques like gradient mapping and alpha inheritance enable artists to elevate their work.


In conclusion, Krita is more than just a digital painting tool. Its intuitive interface, extensive features, and affordability make Krita a game-changer in the realm of digital art.

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