Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Washi Tape Wall

The Art and Basics of Creating a Washi Tape Wall

Shrouded in versatility and decoration, Washi Tape has captivated enthusiasts from Japan to the corners of the globe. Its prowess in crafting dazzling interiors, more specifically, wall decorations, is undeniable. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of wall adornments using washi tape.

Understanding Washi Tape

The Japanese traditional washi tape is akin to masking tape. Its distinctiveness lies in the natural ingredients it is made from such as bamboo, hemp, or bark of trees indigenous to Japan. Washi tapes captivate with their distinctive colors and patterns. Its easy repositioning without leaving any residue, makes it a darling in home decoration.

Selecting a Washi Tape Wall

The allure of wall decor with washi tape is its convenient, flexible nature that offers limitless creativity. With a few rolls of washi tape, you’re armed to invent patterns, mural illustrations, and frames, giving your space an exclusive touch. Budget-friendly and user-friendly, it’s an excellent choice for those with an inclination for rejuvenating their home decor frequently.

Constructing Your Washi Tape Wall

Procedure and Instruments:

Your dream wall is few steps away. With an array of washi tapes in assorted colors, patterns, a pair of scissors, a measurement tool like a ruler, and a blueprint of your preferred design, your transformative journey begins.

1. Envision Your Pattern

Be it geometric patterns, cityscapes, abstract creations, or silhouettes of fauna, washi tape never curbs your imagination. Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and numerous home decor blogs sourced from Wikipedia could be your creativity’s springboard.

Washi Tape Wall

2. Ready Your Wall

Your wall should be dry and devoid of dust or grime. Any form of dirt or moisture may affect the tape’s adhesiveness.


3. Commence Tape Application

Patiently stick the washi tape along the contours of your design. Use a ruler to attain alignment and straightness.

4. Modify if Necessary

One of the major benefits of washi tape decoration is the ability to reposition the tape. So, changes and adjustments are a breeze.

5. Appreciate Your Artwork

Upon completion, step back and relish your handiwork – the now transformed aesthetic appeal of your space.

Washi Tape Wall Design Insights

Washi tape brings innumerable design options to your home décor scheme. Here’s a spotlight on a few popular notions that can easily be implemented:

Geometric Conceptions

Geometric patterns exude modernism and simplicity. Patterns like triangles or hexagons could be amusing to create.

Themes Inspired by Nature

Designs resembling tree branches or ocean waves can augment tranquility in your room, demonstrating the harmony of nature.

Picture-less Frames

Crafting frames without pictures may give your wall a playful touch. You could later add photographs or art pieces.


Experimentation with typography can add character to your wall. Use washi tape to scribe quotes, favorite words, or names.

Fake Wallpaper

Transform your wall with wash tape to mimic an exclusive patterned wallpaper.


Washi tape wall decoration is a trendsetter in the realm of DIY home décor. It offers a cost- and effort-efficient redecoration alternative which doesn’t impose damage to your walls. With limitless design potential and the freedom to change whenever, it’s a trend to reckon with. Ignite your creativity and begin designing the wall of your dreams today!

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